Monday, June 15, 2009

May... my favorite month of the year. This May was super busy, but also tons of fun.

Julie Graduated, sadly this was the best pict I could get from our seats.

I got much better picts when we went to the arboretum for Mother's Day...


Haha...this one cracks me up. I love my dad!

I turned a year older... there aren't any pictures of that, but I do want to say that I was TRULY blessed in many ways on my birthday! When I got to work there was a balloon and card from the girls that included a gift certificate for a massage!! Donna also made me a strawberry pie :)
Mandy called me on my way to work, Kendra emailed, my family made me a yummy dinner, my dad set off fireworks. It was great. I'm sure I am forgetting all the other things... but yeah, I felt very loved.

I got to have lunch with Kendra, Anne (& Kate!)
...and a dance party with Shay and Kendra and Renae :)

Then there was the week of Next-itude, visiting family, and going to Michael & Stacey's wedding. Those pictures will have to wait... because it is time for bed.

But...before I go, just wanted to share one more thing. A few months ago I started having these random weeks when I would get incredibly fatigued/exhausted...felt completely drained, couldn't concentrate at work, almost fell asleep at the wheel a couple times, etc. I thought I had pinpointed this as an iron deficiency - so I started taking a supplement regularly, and it seemed to get better - until last week. The same thing happened, I figure maybe I need to go to bed earlier, eat less sugar, exercise more. I scheduled a doctor's appointment in a few weeks. But, then one morning God brought to mind the story of the woman who, after trying every doctor around, touched Jesus robe and was healed. I will still try the practical things I mentioned - but, ultimately, my strength is from Christ. Mickey spoke at church on Sunday about being filled with was definitely what I needed to hear. No matter how I feel physically or emotionally, God has done great things for me and in his presence is fullness of joy!

Okay, more later...

Tuesday, June 09, 2009


So, here I am after Kendra called me out for never updating my blog. I need a little external push every now and then! (thanks Kendra) I do have more and more friends and family in different cities, states, hopefully I can do a better job at keeping you all up to date here at the old blog. Honestly, I don't always feel like my life is that exciting or that I have anything really interesting to post about. But... lately God has been reminding me and encouraging me to find joy in what he has given me to do each day and what he has placed in my life right now. He really has blessed me with a wonderful life! Even though my life at 27 years old might not be what I would have pictured 5 or 10 years ago... (working at a construction company? ... it is the best because it is what God had planned for me. I just started a book called 'Just Do Something', so, I am going to 'just start blogging'. I am hoping that it might help me to be more aware of those little things throughout the day to that make life interesting... and the bigger things that make life exciting (like one of my favorite things, decisions).

So, what's going on in life? Most of that will have to come later because it is time to get some sleep. For now, here are some pictures I uploaded...

Spring Happenings...

part 1...

My dear friend Missy moved to Mexico - this is her dream come true and she has waited and trusted the Lord a long time for it! I miss her, though... this pic is from her going away party.

Jo finished her first year of college and made the Dean's list!!! She also played her first coffeehouse gig. She was great...and I hear a rumor that she might have another one coming up...

Julie's Senior Piano Recital - she was AMAZING!!!

She also graduated! I didn't get any super pictures at the graduation...oops.

Ava turned three and I got to help with the party...but I took all the pictures on Joy's camera. So, instead here are a couple from Easter :)

Also...I made Strawberry Shortcake for Easter. I was excited.
May was super busy.... lots of pictures, so it will have its own post.