Thursday, January 18, 2007

5.5 years. 65,000 miles.

I sold the Celica today! Actually, my dad sold it...I really didn't do much at all except put up the picture. He shined the car up on Monday, put it on Craig's List and handled all the details....Thanks, Dad!
In God's providence we were both home we could be here when she looked at the car and take care of all the paperwork. And He brought someone along who doesn't mind the seam on the spoiler or the quirky trunk. God is good!


I feel like I'm a kid again. It is great being a teacher.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

I love Sundays.

no, I'm not writing any commentary on the 5th commandant...I'll let Phil handle that this coming Sunday :)

but, Sunday is my favorite day of the week, and last Sunday was especially wonderful. The Lord used worship, prophetic words, and the preaching to convict and encourage me with His word... and I was also blessed as some of our church members used their gifts of humor and creativity to 'encourage' our pastor.

anyway, if any of you all (from SGC) were serving in children's ministry on Sunday... you need to click over to a couple of websites.

first, you need to download the message that Grady VanWright preached on 1John 3:5 about how our justification relates to our sanctification...

then, you it is very important that you head over the Williams Street Reflections and watch the video that was shown to "honor" and "support" our pastor Phil Sasser.