Monday, September 14, 2009

I just figured out that I can post via email… so I am testing it out today!  Hopefully this will increase my # of posts per month so that Carroll will link to me, haha. 


Last weekend I went to Folly Beach / Charleston with Kendra, Shaynah, and Kristie.  It was SO much fun.  These three girls are a blast to hang out with… wonderful times of laughter and fellowship.  I always come away really encouraged and built up in my faith when I spend time with them.   I’ll post some pictures when I get home tonight J


Speaking of tonight… I start up my dance class again at 6:15pm!  I had a break over the summer and came up with lots of new ideas.  Now I just have to actually implement them… please pray God will give me grace for that. There are 15 in the class…twice as many girls as last year!  I’ll let you know how it goes.

Sunday, September 13, 2009


Several years ago the Lord began to put a burden in my heart for Africa. I remember when Sovereign Grace Ministries first started working with a local church in Nagongera, Uganda. They showed clips in their mission presentation video of the work the church was doing and I felt a love for the people and desire to pray for them grow in my heart. I had never really had a specific burden for any particular country or people group until then. Of course time went by and I would forget to pray and the initial zeal kind of left... until in the past couple months I have come across several different things that have brought the Africa to my mind and prayers again.

----- A Note of Hope - Carolyn McCulley is currently in Africa filming for her documentary called A Note of Hope. I love what she is doing and cannot wait to order the film!
"A NOTE OF HOPE is part music appreciation and part social social-purpose documentary. It can exist comfortably at this intersection because it explores the legacy of the American Negro spiritual, a song form that has always lived there. These songs are the soundtrack of faith and hope in the midst of suffering, and that is still relevant today. A NOTE OF HOPE follows the musical journey of five American jazz musicians who are musical ambassadors for the cause of children left parentless by HIV/AIDS in Africa. These musicians recast the spirituals into the jazz genre, and then — following the example of those who came before them — give of their time and talents to draw attention to those who still suffer today."

----- - A group from Covenant Life Church set up this site after going to Kiburara Uganda and learning that waterborne diseases were the leading cause of death in that town.
"Motivated by what we observed, we returned home and by the end of the year raised enough money to build three wells for the village. Today waterborne illnesses are no longer the leading killers in Kiburara. This year our goal is to build an additional three wells in neighboring villages.... $23 provides clean water for one person for the rest of their life."
----- I've been reading updates from a friend, John Heeley, who is in Uganda with a group from his church serving practical needs and sharing the gospel.

Here are a couple of other wonderful ministries serving Africa (links on the sidebar):
Dare to Share - I met Jonathan and Robin Daniel when I was working with Robin at Cary Christian School. Jonathan is from Zimbabwe and started this ministry to meet the needs of his country by providing educationa, social, physical and economic opportunities to children and families in Zimbabwe.
Covenant Mercies - a nonprofit started by members of Covenant Fellowship Church in Pennsylvania that is dedicated to serving the poor in their own community and beyond. Through Covenant Mercies, you can partner with local churches in Uganda, Zambia, and Ethiopia, to assist in their efforts to care for the many orphans living in their communities.

It is really exciting to see all that God is doing!

Tuesday, September 08, 2009


so... I moved!

been here about a month and enjoying it... I am living with two great friends - Mandy and Lindsey.