Sunday, January 31, 2010

Catch Up Time....

Another epic fail in blogging! haha... so it's a good time to catch up!

Since I promised a Meet Lindsey post a LONG time ago, here it is!! Get ready....

From left - Lindsey, Hannah, me

FIRST - to clarify, Lindsey should not be confused with Hannah, which happens often.

Since she moved here from Florida a little over a year ago, she just experienced her first time driving in the snow/ice! She can sometimes be heard singing 80's power ballads (but never in her classroom - we hope). In fact, she and Hannah just might be singing some right now. When not singing 80's power ballads or teaching middle school children about Africa she is talking about Tim Tebow and the Florida Gators, watching the Florida Gators, reading about the Florida Gators, or buying Florida Gator paraphernalia.

[Vicki would also like me to tell you that Lindsey goes to the best home group ever... and that she loves her!!] Lindsey serves me and Mandy ALL the time! She cooks me lots of yummy food, teaches me how to be organized, and how to decorate the house. She makes me laugh and encourages me to love God more. We think that her dad and my dad were separated at birth, so who knows... we might be cousins.

Me and my wonderful roommates!