Thursday, October 27, 2011

Christ, only Christ, live then Thy life in me

I have been reading the book "Faithful Women and Their Extraordinary God".  Each chapter is a mini-biography of a Christian woman who was faithful to God's calling on her life...following him wherever he called her to go. You can read the book for free online and I highly recommend it!   I just finished the chapter about Helen Roseveare, a missionary doctor to the Congo.
This paragraph sums up what God taught her through her life there:
As Helen Roseveare stood by our fireplace and looked into their faces, she reached  backward toward the mantel and eased a longstemmed red rosebud from a tall vase. As she spoke, she broke off the thorns, the leaves, the petals, the green outer layer of stem—every elementvthat makes a rose a rose. All that was left was a lithe, straight shaft. The pieces that lay on the floor were not bad things. But, she explained, they had to be removed if she were going to make an arrow. God does this to us, she said. He removes everything—even innocent, good things—that hinders us from being the arrows that he will shoot for his purposes at his intended target.

This week I have also been reading and meditating on Romans 12.  I want my life to be a living sacrifice!  This poem was included at the end of the chapter on Helen Rosevear, and is a beautiful prayer in response... 

Not I, but Christ, be honored, loved, exalted,
Not I, but Christ, be seen, be known, be heard,
Not I, but Christ, in every look and action,
Not I, but Christ, in every thought and word.

Not I, but Christ, to gently soothe in sorrow,
Not I, but Christ, to wipe the falling tear,

Not I, but Christ, to lift the weary burden,
Not I, but Christ, to hush away all fear.

Not I, but Christ, no idle word e’er falling,
Christ, only Christ, no needless bustling sound,
Christ, only Christ, no self-important bearing,
Christ, only Christ, no trace of I be found.

Not I, but Christ, my every need supplying,
Not I, but Christ, my strength and health to be;
Christ, only Christ, for body, soul, and spirit,
Christ, only Christ, live then Thy life in me.

Christ, only Christ, e’re long will fill my vision;
Glory excelling soon, full soon I’ll see
Christ, only Christ, my every wish fulfilling—
Christ, only Christ, my all in all to be.
 [A. B. Simpson, “Christ, Only Christ.”]

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Hello? Anybody still there?

So, I guess I need to catch up on September and October. I got a job and Steve's residency is in full swing!  Basically, we have settled into "real life" here in lovely Sarasota...vacation is over. 

I'm working full time as a receptionist in the corporate office of a company who will remain nameless on this blog. If I give the name, then I have to be careful what I say about them since the marketing department keeps a very close watch on what is said on the internet!  I'll just say that they make high quality deli meat and cheese.  You can find it at the deli counter in your local Harris Teeter or Kroger... or Publix if you are in Florida.  I'm enjoying it and eating a lot.  There are over 100 people in the office and no one has a direct line, so things stay pretty busy.  Occasionally we get some funny calls...  customers usually think they are calling directly to customer service and go into their questions/comments/complaints, which can be interesting/entertaining.  There was the guy who claimed that he broke his tooth on our product, the people who call just to say how much they like our products and then finally get to the point and ask for coupons (only to be disappointed that we don't do coupons).   

Steve is in his third rotation at the hospital.  His first month was in pain management, last month was in oncology and his current rotation is in the Intensive Care Unit.  They also keep him busy with lots of presentations, as well as his year long research project.  Steve has decided to pursue a specialty in oncology pharmacy.  It seems like we just got here, but we are already looking into residency programs for next year!

One of my favorite things about Sarasota is the sunsets.  Since we are on the gulf side we can go watch the sunset at the beach...they are beautiful!  Here are some pictures...


Siesta Key when Mom visited

Lido Key the following night
Siesta Key on our anniversary

And this was right outside of our apartment.