Monday, November 06, 2006

Cultivating Creativity

The Apex Arts Council website just got an update... you can check it out here!

Two years ago (almost exactly) I attended a meeting with two other people interested in starting an arts council in Apex... next thing I knew I was writing grant proposals, signing incorporation papers and creating bylaws! Now, two years later, it is exciting to see many of the ideas we had back then actually becoming realities. As of the last meeting I am no longer the interim president of the Board of Directors (sounds a lot more official then it actually was, haha) now I am able to be a 'normal member' :)


lulu said...

I love it!

Just think, come January, maybe I can have some pull on some of those strings...

"So, there's this really great town" -me

"What's the name" -really important arts council person

"Apex. that have a killer arts council there. we should do some cool stuff for them. It is the peak of good living' you know..." -me

"Sure, let's do it." -really important person.

yep...I can see it now...

Jo said...


I must say though, I was hoping to see the awesome, ghost, ballerina picture of you on the sight.

PS. Can we swap Williamsburg pics?

Melissa Joy said...

ok...when you get a chance I think it is time for a new post. I just updated, so I thougth I would give you a hard time...:)