Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Yes, Missy, it is definitely time for a new post! This post is mostly pictures... enjoy :)

First...I took a trip to Williamsburg with my mom, sisters, and niece. It was a beautiful time of year to be there!

I love the fall.

I love Williamsburg.

I love my family.

I also made Ava laugh on the way home... it made my day!

It was a great weekend :)

Then, I went to Charlotte to see my college roommate get married... while I was there I got to see some of my old friends.... it was wonderful!

Kendra and I went out for her birthday

On Saturday I got to spend time catching up with some wonderful girls I don't get to see much...

Jeanie had us over for brunch....

...and we got to play with Alathea!

Leah told us about her wedding plans and offered to give us all Beta Fish... haha

Kathryn was also there... somehow I didn't get a picture of her though :( Good times...I love these girls!!

Then on Saturday night I went to see my "Charlotte family"...

(these picts are actually from my visit this summer)

Now, I am heading off to Maryland tomorrow to spend Thanksgiving with my grandmother!

We'll also be going to see some college basketball on Friday :)

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Joanna said...

Williamsburg was a blast! Highlights - six girls on one hotel room, the silver smith singing happy birthday to me, Ava laughing on the way home, and Jamestown!

Thanksgiving was super! Especially the three of us in the backseat for five times. You really should post those pictures ;D

Maryland's 8-0!!!