Wednesday, September 10, 2008

adventures in eating...Charleston edition.

I was going through some receipts tonight and found a few from the restaurants we went to in Charleston...which brought to memory the great places we ate...and our servers:

~ Brunch at Poogan's Porch (Sun morning)

The restaurant is named after a dog, and when you walk up to the restaurant on Queen's street, you can see the gravestone where little Poogan is buried. Touching, I know. Anyway, we arrived there Sunday morning around 10:30 for brunch. Up walks our waiter.

"Hi, my name's Blake...*yawn*...I'm still waking up". Niiiiice intro Blake. "We have a special today on our Mimosa's...."
Kendra: I'll have coffee
Shaynah: I'll also have coffee
Kristie: I'll take coffee
Me: I already had caffeine this morning so, I probably shouldn't have coffee, I'll just take a water
Kendra: noooo, get coffee so you can be our entertainment!!
I ended up getting coffee. Good times followed.

One of the best parts about Poogan's Porch is that they always serve biscuits with brunch...and they are amazing. But, thanks to Shaynah, I also got to try two Southern favorites that I have never had: Fried Green Tomatoes and Shrimp & Grits. I think I'm a fan of Fried Green Tomatoes... not sure yet about Shrimp & Grits.

~ Pub in Charleston...I can't remember the name.
We stopped in a little restaurant/pub in the afternoon because we were tired and hot from walking around. We weren't hungry, so we just went up to the bar to get some drinks. Here we were served by the bartender (who's name I can't remember either...I only had a splash, really!). I did find out that he made a canoe out of Red Bull cans at a competition in Florida...impressive.

Kendra ordered....Shaynah ordered....I ordered ('just a splash')....and then he went to get the drinks. Poor Kristie!!! She had to flag him down to take her order! After we had been sitting there for a while I asked for some water:

Pink shirted nameless bartender: oh, yeah, I'm the rest of you also want some water?
The rest of them: yes, please
(He proceeded to get water for Kendra, Shaynah, and Kristie.)
Me: ummm, could I have some water, please??
But, I forigive him since he didn't make me pay anything ;)

He also invited us to the an event they were having that night where there was a prize for the 'hottest white dress'. Thannnks, but we didn't bring white dresses. bummer.

~ Dinner at The Conch in Folly Beach.
This is where we had dinner Sunday night: live Reggae music playing upstairs and you could sit on the outdoor patio in back and still hear it...annnd...they had fish taco's for $4.99. This place was GREAT....and we had our best server of the weekend: Megan (don't be impressed, I only remember her name cause its on the receipt that I just found, haha).
The patio was really pretty with lots of lights and it was a beautiful night. The music was really good, the food was yummy (really good Lobster dip!), and the people watching was fun(ny?).

~ Of course, the best meal we had was the one we cooked ourselves on Saturday night :)

So... the fact that one of my longest posts is about eating is kind of telling, isn't it. hahaha.

More stories later...


kendra said...

you left out the best part of Conch... due to our seats, we got quite the *ahem* show with everyone going up and down the stairs

Bethany said...'re right! I wasn't quite sure how to word it. Thanks for adding it in for me ;)

TGG said...

Oh Bethany, dear, I love you! You're so funny and your posts are so interesting! Do keep writing; I am enjoying your blog!