Monday, July 28, 2008

row, row, row your boat....

...up the Cape Fear River.

This past weekend I went canoeing with some friends....and didn't drowned! I think I have finally overcome my irrational fear of canoeing trips. Thanks to all those who supported me along the way and rescued me when I was stuck, tipped, or otherwise in need of help. haha... anyway, all joking was a very fun trip. Afterwards we went to Raven Rock to cook out and walk a up and down 95 steps. I did not take my camera, but Missy and Jermaine both had cameras, so as soon as they upload pictures I will post some. Oh, and I think I also won the award for taking the most food on the canoe. That shouldn't surprise anyone, though, since I am a Coda!

Next week is family vacation! I can't wait. This working full time thing really makes me appreciate a few days off. I am mostly looking forward to spending time with my family. Joy, Dan, Ava and Alice are also coming!


Sziamissy said...

so....when do we go again? Thanks for the fun during our short ride together. It was my favorite part of the day! I am still discovering bruisies from that last tip and probably won't be wearing anything short for the next couple of weeks. :) I will try to get the pics up this week, but things are crazy.

Anonymous said...

i'm wondering if i might have something to do with that phobia of drowning while canoeing :)...unless you've successfully supressed the memory of that canoe trip!

so good to hear what you're up to! miss you!