Sunday, July 20, 2008

I'm blogging for the second time in a week...this is off to a good start! It has been a busy weekend... Friday night was my home group's cookout. This year I was in a group led by Lou & Teresa Gregus...they are wonderful and I love our group! The rain stopped early enough on Friday for us to shoot off fireworks at the end of the party - which was great since we didn't get to see any on July 4th. On Saturday I went to a brunch with some ladies from church...then made dinner to take to a family in church...then went to a cookout at Harris Lake. It rained, so we ended up having a bunch of people come back to our house...aaaannnddd we put on Enchanted...haha...watching it with guys was priceless. Then after almost eveyone had left my dad came down and hung out with me, Julie, Chris, Dan, Steve, and Nick telling stories for over an hour. Good times...I think that made up for them having to watch Enchanted. I taught children's ministry at church this morning, chilled at the pool this afternoon, and then tonight I had dinner with my new friend Jen. We met during a class at the was nice to talk when we weren't out of breath.

Okay, I promised pictures, so here are a few from Easter! Yeah, kind of late but better late than never, right?
Mom and Alice

"Pop's lawnmower!" Ava has to go see it every time she visits...

"Wait for me Mimi!"

Delaney, Jo, and Mary Ashley.... Aren't they beautiful?
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