Thursday, April 10, 2008

After long last....

I am right now sitting and watching a new episode of "The Office" with my family!
(and laughing hard)

One of the reasons I love this show is because I work in an office... every once in a while something will happen that makes me think 'This could be on "The Office"...'

Here are few of those moments.

One day, I could hear Laura laughing from the other side of the office and the next thing I know a bunny sprints past my office. It was my co-worker Donna in a bunny costume that she was returning for a friend. Our division manager thought it was so funny he made her go into the conference room to get pictures. He also asked her to do it again at the end of the week so he could bring his little girl in to 'see the Easter bunny'.... fun times at Choate.

Another time...
There I was just sitting in my office busily working when - out of nowhere - I hear a fog horn blow twice. I looked across the hall at Jim and we were both like, 'should we go outside?'
But then - here comes Dave (our division manager - 'Big Boss') rounding everyone up - 'alright, everyone to the front for an announcement, come on everybody.' So, we all go being herded up with wondering looks on our faces. 'So, that was him blowing the foghorn?' I asked our office manager, 'Yes, I just about had a heart attack being in the office next to him.'

Turns out we were awarded a REALLY big job. Dave said we would hold off on the party because a log of people were gone that week. A Choate party -- that will be another story.

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