Thursday, December 13, 2007

I'm a terrible blogger.

My apologies to those (if any) of you who check back regularly only to find that nothing has changed. *sigh*

I will try to get better about posting short updates more often.

Here's a quick update: I love my job. And let me just say, that Christmas is a great time to work for a general contracting firm. (shout out to our great subs...thanks for the gifts) Yesterday I received a 2 lb bag of pistachios. Just now Donna came by to offer me a truffle (dark chocolate caramel, mmmm). Oh, and I have not even eaten my lunch yet cause I kept stopping by the breakroom to sample the cheese balls.

I don't just love my job for the food...the people are great, too (although I have gotten more grief for being a MD fan in the past two months than I have gotten the rest of my life), and I am enjoying the work...but year end is super busy!

Also...this is the earliest I have ever finished my Christmas shopping. By last week I had already purchased all my gifts for my family, and now I just have to pick up a present for my cousin and a couple things for friends. This weekend will be filled w/ baking!!! I can't wait!

Jo and I picked out a tree the other night... pict's to come.

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