Saturday, December 22, 2007

How much greater will our song be....

Tonight I watched "The Nativity" with my family. It was a really good movie showing the story of Christ's birth. I was particularly struck with the thought of how awesome would it have been to be one of the shepherds and see the heavenly host announcing the Savior's birth glorifying God. It brought to mind this line from the song "In the First Light" which I heard on the radio the other day (hadn't heard it in years)....
Hear the angels as they're singing on the morning of his birth,
But how much greater will our song be when he comes again to earth!

I long for that day! Recently the Lord has been giving me a greater and greater desire to see my Savior face to anticipation of his glory which I have never had before. Oh, what a day that will be! As I consider Christ's birth, and the laying aside of his glory as he came to earth as a baby -- I am reminded that he is no longer laying in a manger, but seated at the right hand of the Father in glory!

Merry Christmas!

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