Tuesday, June 05, 2007


The ladies at "Girl Talk" are in the middle of a series interviewing Nancy Leigh DeMoss. She is a wonderful woman of God who has given her life to pursuing him and spreading his kingdom. I've been impacted in the past by her teachings and writings (specifically her teaching 'Devotions: duty or delight')...so I am excited to hear more about her through these posts. Check them out if you have a chance.

Also, my sister's blog has been updated with new pictures of Joy, Dan, and (mostly) Ava! I love my family.

I also added a couple of new links on the right... Covenant Mercies and Dare to Share. These are two ministries that are seeking to spread the gospel and provide for needs in Africa.
_Covenant Mercies is based out of Covenant Fellowship Church in Philadelphia and primarily works in Uganda and Zambia (as well as serving local needs of the poor in Philly).
_Dare to Share is a ministry to meet the needs of the poor and spread the gospel in Zimbabwe. I heard about them from my Robin Daniel, who I worked with at Cary Christian, her husband Jonathan was born and raised in Zimbabwe and has a vision for spreading the kingdom of God in his home country.

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