Tuesday, April 17, 2012

my job

This is where I work... on the 8th floor:

One of the advantages of working for a food company... free lunch.  One of the best things about working for BH: all the meats, cheese, and condiments are gluten free, so I just have to bring my g-free bread.

I love the fact that my office building is right in downtown Sarasota.  It is only 5 minutes from home and there are great places to walk and sit during my lunch hour!  Right behind the building is a little courtyard with tables and benches, I usually try to eat out there if it is a nice day.

However, eating out there means sitting right next to the constipated sumo wrestler...

I enjoy my job... I mean, it has its moments and there can be a lot of drama sometimes at this office.  My co-receptionist compared our position to a hairdresser or bartender.  We are the sounding board for everyone to share their joys, trials, complaints and frustrations (usually the last two)... . . Employees or guests come by and talk and and we can't get our of listening because we can't leave, haha.

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