Wednesday, August 08, 2007

The Long Hot Summer.

Yes, I do like the movie.

But, this phrase seems appropriate in describing this August weather.

This week I have been in Maryland at my grandmother's house.

I drove up last Saturday with Julie, Jo, and Bekah (Jo's friend). We were driving Jo and Bekah up here to catch a shuttle to "The Clash", a worldview conference in PA. Julie and I are hanging out until they get back on Saturday.

Sunday we went to Covenant Life Church for their Sunday service since that is where Jo & Bekah were catching the shuttle. Josh Harris was speaking about baptisms and then they baptized several people at the end of the service.

After we saw the girls off Julie and I went to Annapolis to see our cousin Katie. Her apartment is right in the old downtown of Annapolis, so we could walk to shops and restaurants. We made sure we got a Maryland style crab cake from Phillip's while we were there. Since then we have spent some great time with our grandmother - despite the heat. We also visited with our Aunt Jo and our cousins David and Michelle today.

Tomorrow we are taking on DC in the heat!

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