Thursday, August 02, 2007

Growing in Love for One Another

I found this the other day....and thought I would share it...

  1. Who am I praying for?
  2. Who am I praying with?
  3. Who have I encouraged today?
  4. Who can I write a not of encouragement / thanks to?
  5. Who have taken out to fellowship with recently?
  6. Who have I invited over recently?
  7. Who am I meeting with for regular accountability / discipleship?
  8. Who have I thanked today?
  9. In what areas can I improve to be a better friend?
  10. Are there any unresolved conflicts in any of my relationships?
  11. Am I following up with people when they express needs and cares?
  12. Am I drawing people out about their life?
  13. Am I harboring unforgiveness or bitterness towards anyone?
  14. Am I willing to confront people out of a heart of love and concern?
  15. Am I more aware of people's sins and shortcomings, or am I more aware of evidences of God's grace in people's lives?
  16. Am I active in communicating evidences of God's grace in people's lives?
  17. How can I serve others when we gather together?
  18. Am I looking forways to serve people without being asked?
  19. What could I do to surprise someone that would bless them?
  20. What creative thing could I do to serve someone?
  21. What people do I want to develop friendships with that I haven't?
  22. Is developing deeper relationships a priority for me? How can I tell?
  23. What am I doing to love others in truth and in action? (1 John 3:16-18)
  24. Do I make decisions based o how it will affect others?
  25. In what ways am I caring for people both temporally and spiritually?
  26. Am I taking the initiative in pursuing relationships or am I waiting for others to do it?
  27. How can I spur others on to pursue God and not the world?
Last month in home group we had a great discussion about bearing each other's burdens. Then last week I got together with some other ladies in church to talk about how to apply biblical fellowship. Something that came up in both discussions was the fact that loving one another takes action.

Those conversations reminded me of this list that I had saved. It is about 5 years old.
Joe Lechner, my pastor when I was in college, put it together for a our college ministry.
I can all too quickly become self centered so I need to ask myself these questions on a regular basis.

PS: Happy 5th Anniversary Joe & Jeanie!!

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