Monday, April 02, 2007

I love spring.

I love the colors of spring...
fresh green trees with pink and white blossoms against a clear blue sky.
the bright purples, pinks, yellows, and reds of blooming flowers.

I love the feel of spring...
a warm gentle breeze.
driving with the windows down.
the wonderful days when you open the door to go outside without any change of temperature...unfortunately, this doesn't last long before the sweltering heat and humidity of summer arrive!

I love the sounds of spring...
birds announcing the arrival of a new season.
a gentle rain washing the pollen away.
kids playing outside.
the crack of a bat announcing baseball season.

[Off course, there is also the issue of pollen...and bradford pears... but, I am willing to undergo a few weeks of discomfort if it means experiencing the beauty of God's creation!]

I love that there the climax of one favorite sport leads right into the beginning of my other favorite sport (which converge tonight...the final of the NCAA tournament and Opening Night at the same time...what will I do?)

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