Wednesday, December 13, 2006

My last blog post included an obituary for Cheryl Stolldorf and encouragement from my pastor. We lived next door to the Stolldorfs for 10 years after both of our families moved to Raleigh to start a church. Her daughter Terri is one of my very good friends. I sat and listened Monday as family and friends shared memories they had of Cheryl, what they had learned from her, and how she had affected their lives. Many memories and things I admired about her have flooded my mind over the last few days... here are a few of them...

-- I still remember the first time I met the Stolldorfs when we visited them in Richmond... Cheryl made us the best waffles I've ever had.

-- Almost every Christmas Eve when we lived next door to them, the Stolldorfs would come over (or we'd go over there) and Cheryl would leave us a plate of her homemade cinniman rolls for Christmas morning.

-- Countless meals, youth group parties, church events, and just times of hanging out at their house... she always made us feel welcome!

-- When our church had a men's retreat and our dad's were gone, Cheryl would invite us over for milkshakes, popcorn, and a movie!

-- Cheryl was an example to me in the way she cared for her family and her home. Her house was always neat and clean and ready for visitors (planned or unexpected!).

Please keep the Stolldorfs in your prayers, as well as my friend Jeanie and her family (Jeanie also lost her mom this fall), and any others you know who have lost family members. The holidays are an especially hard time when you have lost someone you love.

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